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Open courseware on responsible food packaging

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  • Are you coming from the food and drink or packaging industry?

Learn how the free resources provided by FitNESS can help you and your team:


  • Online resources including lectures, guidelines, and case studies accessible from anywhere

  • Learn new skills or refresh old ones at your own pace

  • Diverse set of topics ranging from modeling tools to regulations, process design, and innovation

  • Choose from two different levels of learning materials (novice and advanced)

  • Completely free to use and share

  • Where can I find an introduction to the FitNESS project?

Get an introduction to FitNESS and what it offers via this webinar:

Safe and sustainable food packaging: the contribution of a free platform FitNESS 2.0 for life-long learning and training of responsible professionals all along the value chain

During this webinar, the partners of the FitNESS 2.0 project presented the free platform and its contribution for life-long training of responsible professionals all along the value chain.

  • Which FitNESS content would be most useful for me?

In addition to offering a broad scientific and practical introduction to food packaging, FitNESS offers lectures and exercises specifically helpful for industry professionals. We recommend taking a look at these lectures below that are most helpful for professionals from these common departments:

  • Research and Development (R&D): in progress

  • Health, Safety, and Quality: in progress

  • Sustainability: in progress

  • Regulatory Affairs: in progress

  • Production: in progress

  • Marketing: Coming soon in version 2! 

  • Why is continuing education important to help the food industry reach its goals ?


The European Green Deal and the new circular economy action plan are game changers for food production and retailing. The food and drink industry is the largest manufacturing industry in the EU (EU Food Drink Industry Data and Trends 2019) and, therefore, a top contributor to Europe's economy. It generates the highest turnover (15%), added value (13%), and employment (15%) ahead of other manufacturing sectors. Despite these significant economic contributions, the sector faces numerous challenges associated with insufficient preparedness and the lack of harmonised regulations and standards. 


Lifelong learning and training programs are becoming the norm across industry sectors to help companies retain excellent staff that can help meet set targets, comply with new regulatory requirements being set, and transition towards a truly safe and sustainable circular economy.

  • Questions? Ideas for improvement? 


We would love to be in touch to answer your questions and hear your feedback to help make the platform more useful for you and your team! Get in touch with us:

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