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Open courseware on responsible food packaging

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To be noted: all lectures and interactive contents are provided "AS IS".The content (85 lectures from Common to Specialized Modules) is under development and may contain inconsistencies and inaccuracies. It will be updated regularly.

The concept of FitNESS version 1️⃣ is based on three pillars:

  • A ✅ validated content (quality, rigor, and openness) covering all essential aspects of food packaging for two levels (novice and advanced);

  • An 🔓 open-source distribution format, which can be read on any terminal and even as a PowerPoint replacement product for teaching classrooms. All interactive and non-interactive WEB documents are supported and can be run with or without a server.

  • A 🔍search engine adapted to blended-learning education.


The organization in two levels common | specialized is arbitrary and do not represent necessarily an indication on the level of difficulty. They notify whether recent scientific results are used or not. Common contents do not require any specific technical or scientific background. Specialized content are specific and therefore more advanced. The different sections and units are less connected together. They can be read in arbitrary order based on your interests and needs. Our intent was not to be exhaustive, but to propose sufficient materials to resolve real problems associated to food packaging: design, compliance, risk and impact assessment... Though the content was prepared by experts in the field, the content cannot be considered authoritative and cannot replace the scientific literature or reference text books.

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