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Open courseware on responsible food packaging

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Current FitNESS platform mirrors


How to clone the FitNESS PLATFORM ?

1.Download procedure

The FITNess platform combines computer code (client and server sides, on-line and off-lines), teaching (HTML, Markdown, SVG, PNG) material and activities (Q&A, case-studies, guidelines, videos...). The entire content of FITNess (with sources) is released as ZIP packages with (~23 GB). Click here to download the zip file.

2. Running off-line

You do not need any webserver to launch the FITNess platform content. You just need to download everything, open the folder lectures/ and start the application by clicking on the file index.html. No installation is needed and it runs on Windows, Linux, Mac with a modern Web browser. Eligible browsers must use the render engine WebKit or Chromium such as: Google Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Microsoft Edge based on Chromium... Internet Explorer is not supported.

3. Running online

The platform FITNess has been designed to be easily duplicated as needed from a ZIP package. The flexible architecture enables to anchor the server to any place of an existing webserver (with several GB of free space). There is no special security configuration required as no information is sent back to the server. All interactions run on the client side with proper JavaScript codes included in each package. Click here to see the configuration file to run the platform online. 

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