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Open courseware on responsible food packaging

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University of Burgundy

University of Burgundy (France)

The University of Burgundy (Université de Bourgogne-UB) is a multidisciplanarity higher education institution for both education and research, and particularly well ranked for food sciences in the well-known ARWU or Leiden rankings.

Joint Unit UMR PAM (joint supervision of Institut Agro Dijon and the University of Burgundy) is part of research lab involved in this science field.

UMR PAM is a major player in scientific and technological progress in the field of food and wine. The scientific approach shared by all members is to understand the physical, chemical and biological phenomena that determine the quality of food in order to develop new foods and new food processes.

UB is involved in mainly involved in the preparation of the assessment tools, evaluations and certifications. Of course, UB will contribute also to the other project results.


Involved persons

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